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"The cook was using in her work in the kitchen a meat grinder. When she was filling the grinder with meat she was using her fingers to press the meat and not the extension that is prescribed by machine manufacturer to be used. The employee caused herself a s..."

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"Veškeré záležitosti spojené s tímto úrazem vyřešila a sepsala společnosti EXTÉRIA s.r.o. za nás, takže jsme nemuseli nic řešit, a vše..."

We are specialists in OSH and fire protection in the following areas:

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Private companies

"I am not afraid of an inspection or a fine. I work with Extéria"
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"With Extéria I can rely on the expertise and responsibility"
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Civil Service

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"I know that safety of the students in schools is important."
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Self-employed person

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In the package of OSH and fire protection we provide complete services! You don't have to take care of anything…

Work safety

  • permanent maintenance of OSH
  • searching for risks
  • documentation processing
  • professional help in the area of work injuries
  • personal presence during the inspections of organs of state technical supervision (LI, KH, Firemen)

Fire Protection

  • fire regulations
  • emergency guidelines
  • fire evacuation plan
  • regulations of fire-alarm
  • thematic program of staff training
  • documentation of conducted training

OSH – Fire Protection Training

  • initial and periodic training of employees and management in fire protection
  • training of preventive fire patrol
  • training of prevention officers in fire protection

Revision of devices

  • revision of electric appliances
  • revision of electric devices (periods ranging from 2 months to 3 years)
  • revision of emergency lighting
  • revision of fire extinguishers
  • revision of fire doors