Substance in solid, liquid or gaseous state, which is under foreseeable conditions able to burn or at its fabric or a phase change to create products capable to burn.

Flammable Material

A continuously manned place equipped with the necessary means of communication, which is intended to receive reports of a fire or other emergency situation and to launch fire alarm, as well as well as to perform other tasks in accordance with the relevant documentation of fire protection.

Place for Reporting of Fire

Fire protection is a set of organizational, technical and structural measures to prevent fire or explosion followed by fire, to protect people, animals and property in case of fire and to prevent it from spreading.

Fire Protection

Any undesirable combustion that caused death or injury to persons or animals, damage to property or environment and undesirable combustion, where persons, animals, materials or environment were in imminent danger.


Systems, technical equipment and products for the building construction contingent upon the fire safety or other device. Among types of fire safety equipment are:

  • equipment for fire alarm (e.g. electric fire alarm, remote transmission equipment, equipment for detection of combustible gases and vapors, autonomous fire alarm systems, manual fire alarm system),
  • equipment for elimination of fire or explosion (e.g. a stable or semi-stable extinguishing equipment, automatic anti-explosion equipment, sprinkler systems),
  • equipment for regulation of movement of the smoke of fire (e.g. equipment for smoke and heat ventilation, overpressure ventilation equipment, smoke flap including control mechanism, fire doors, smoke equipment for natural ventilation),
  • equipment for people escape during a fire (e.g. fire or evacuation elevator, emergency lighting, emergency communication equipment, functional equipment of doors, safety and warning equipment),
  • equipment for fire water supply (e.g. the external fire water supply including overhead and underground hydrants, filling seats and fire outflow stands, indoor fire water supply including wall hydrants, hose and hydrant systems, unwatered fire pipelines),
  • equipment for elimination of the spread of fire (e.g. fire damper, fire doors and fire shutters holes including their functional equipment, systems and elements for increasing the fire resistance of structures and fire of retardant building materials, water curtains, fire baffles and seals),
  • alternative sources and resources intended to ensure the operability of fire safety equipment, resources or supply of fire extinguishing materials for elimination of fire or explosion and equipment for fire water supply, water sources for fighting fires.

Fire safety equipment

Probability of fire or explosion followed by a fire.

Fire Danger

Firefighters fire trucks, fire-trailers, trailers, containers, vessels, hovercrafts and airplanes.

Fire Equipment

Characteristics of a substance expressed in quantifiable value or determined on the basis of measurable values of more individual characteristics or a phenomena describing the behavior of the substance during burning process or a process related to it.

Fire-Technical Characteristics

Assembly instructions, technical specifications for designing or operation, operating instructions, requirements for inspections, maintenance or repair, fire safety conditions for the use of the product or equipment, safety data sheets, etc.

Accompanying documentation

Fire technical characteristics which qualitatively or quantitatively indicates characteristics of a flammable substance at which compliance under predictable conditions the activity is considered safe in terms of the risk of fire or explosion followed by a fire.

Technical-Safety Parameters

Qualified person in accordance with § 11 of Act no. 133/1985 Coll. on fire protection, as amended.

Fire Protection Technician

Persons who can be legitimately present in operating activities and aren’t in employment or similar working relationship to their operators, aren’t owners of the buildings in which those activities are operated or the operators of such activities.


The equipment used to protect, rescue and evacuate people, to extinguish fire and equipment used in the operation of the fire brigade in rescue and clean-up operations and protection of population in the tasks of civil protection, or in the operation of the fire patrol. Types of material equipment of fire protection are:

  • fire extinguishers (portable, trailer and mobile),
  • personal protective equipment,
  • equipment for rescue and evacuation of persons (e.g. the drop mattresses, sheets and rescue tunnels, ladders, hydraulic rescue equipment, pneumatic bags),
  • equipment for working in heights, depths, on the water, in the water and under the water,
  • equipment for working with hazardous materials and for decontamination, gas analyzers, liquids and hazardous substances,
  • fire equipment, outfit components and accessories,
  • connecting and communication means and technology of operational centers,
  • extinguishing agents and additives into the extinguishing agents,
  • fire accessories,
  • portable emergency equipment (e.g. fire engines, generators, fans).

Material equipment of fire protection