Monotonous work on assembly lines leads the most common occupational diseases in the Czech Republic. A lot of people with dusty lungs come to the ordinations of specialists. According to numbered data from last year, doctors found and recognized 1 210 diseases caused at the workplace. By far it isn’t total number. Many employees overlook the symptoms and don’t go to doctor, because they are scared to lose their job.

Carpal tunnel syndrome, allergic eczema, psoriasis and dusty lungs are the most common health problems that the Czechs suffer from in connection with performance of the profession.

The list of recognized occupational diseases last year expanded. For the first time in sixteen years. It is possible to report lung cancer in connection with powder finding. Last year we reported two such sad cases,” says the head of the department of occupational diseases of Hornicka Poliklinika in Ostrava, Rostislav Gromnica.

The most common diagnoses were transferred from the mine shafts to the surface – to modern industrial zones. “If the worker makes stereotyped movements for eight hours per day, often even with his hands over his head in awkward working positions, of course a damage can occur,” adds Gromnica.

In Czech tables of occupational diseases stress, burnout and mental problems are still missing. “We frequently get questions about whether their disease could be compensated. Not yet.” confirms Head of the Clinic of Occupational Medicine of 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, Daniela Pelclová.

The change in the list of recognized and therefore compensated diseases is getting ready. Apparently, it will come sooner than after sixteen years, like it happened now.