While the basic rules of occupational safety and health (Labor Code) primarily address the relation employer – employee, basic regulations on fire protection (Act no. 133/1985 Coll., Decree no. 246/2001 Coll.) speaks to all:

  1. citizens,
  2. legal entities (businesses)
  3. and enterprising individuals (self-employed persons)

Fire protection documentation processes or leads a qualified person or technician of fire protection, unless otherwise provided by law or decree. A part of fire protection documentation is also an indication of the place and extent of its effectiveness, date of processing or making a record, name and professional capacity of the processor or the person who leads the documentation. It means that if an individual or legal entity have more objects all of these objects have to be specified in the documentation or each of those objects can have its own documentation.

There is a number of documents of fire protection, but their range is based on the basic document processed for all objects in which businesses or self-employed persons carry out their activities. This document is named “Incorporation of operations according to the degree of fire risk.”

According to the degree of fire risk the operations are divided into three categories:
a) without increased fire risk,
b) with increased fire risk,
c) with high fire risk.

Incorporation of operations must be performed even in the objects that businesses and self-employed person rent! The incorporation is done according to the Fire Protection Act and Decree by a qualified person or a technician of fire protection on the basis of knowledge of the object and provided documentation (especially the fire safety design of the building). If an object or part of this object is rented, it is possible to take the fire protection documentation from the landlord, respectively owner.

If the object is marked as “without increased fire risk,” no more “special” documents is required. That doesn’t mean that the obligations of companies and self-employed persons end. Fire Brigade requires at least to post emergency numbers, or better “Fire Alarm Directive” (it defines the activities of employees or other persons during a fire), which are published in a way to be clearly visible and permanently accessible to all persons appearing at the place of operated activity.

Furthermore, we advise all companies and self-employed persons to have available “Fire Book“, into which are recorded all the facts regarding fire protection and “Documentation of training conducted” consisting of “Thematic plan and schedule of training” and attendance list.

Companies and self-employed persons, whose activities fall under increased fire risk must have in addition to the above also other documents, namely:
Determination of fire protection organization” that regulates the creation of self-organizing system necessary for fulfillment of the obligations arising from fire prevention regulations. It is based on the categories and range of operated activities. Determination of fire protection organization always includes assignment of tasks in the field of fire protection for intended functions with indicated professional qualifications or competences, as well as, for example, commands, prohibitions and guidelines for fire protection, setting requirements for professional qualifications or competence of persons responsible for operation, inspection, maintenance and repair of technical and technological equipment, defining requirements for maintenance, inspection and repair of technical and technological equipment, etc. “Fire Regulations” regulates the basic principles of ensuring fire safety in places where they perform activities with increased or high fire risk. Attachments of fire regulations are constituted from guidelines for actions of preventive fire patrol and also list of locations of warning and safety signs, means of fire protection and fire safety equipment.

Fire Evacuation Plan” regulates the procedure for evacuating people, animals and material objects affected or threatened by fire. Fire evacuation plan is drawn for objects and premises, in which are difficult conditions for firefighting and if fire protection documentation processed on the base on the determination of fire safety conditions provides so.

Firefighting documentation“, which is processed under the same conditions and that consists of an operational plan and operational card that regulate principles of fast and effective firefighting and rescue of people, animals and property in the objects of companies or self-employed persons.

Companies and self-employed persons carrying out activities with high fire risk are required in addition to the above through a qualified person to ensure the ‘Fire Risk Assessment “in terms of endangering of people, animals and property and fulfillment of other obligations in the field of fire protection. If the documentation provides so it is necessary with increased fire risk and high fire danger to process “Order of Registration Office of Fire“, which regulates the way of receiving reports of a fire, reporting the fire alarm to employees and other persons present at workplaces of the company or self-employed person, reporting a fire to the operational center of the regional fire brigade with taking into account the local conditions.

Fire protection documentation is approved by the statutory body of the legal entity or authorized senior employee, self-employed person or his or her authorized representative before commencing of the activity to which the document relates. Inspection of fire protection documentation, including a record of the result is carried out under preventive fire inspections at least once a year or after every fire or after each change, which had an impact on its content.

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