Municipal authorities with help of grands for employees regularly employ workers from the labor office for so-called community service in the municipality.

The employee of municipal office, who was employed as a worker of community service, had as a part of his job duties to carry out mowing the lawn in the village. During this activity a work accident of the employee occurred.

The employee was mowing the lawn in the ditch, but he didn’t ensure his safety and the safety of others according to the given fact that he didn’t check the grass area and didn’t see if there was some tossed object (battle, waste) that could represent a source of the risk of injury.

There was a discarded wire in the ditch that in the moment of contact with the brush cutter was thrown and stabbed the employee in the eye. It was a serious work injury resulting in hospitalization of the injured. Municipalities often forget to provide those employees with training of operating of small farm techniques under Government Regulation no. 28/2002 Coll., under which the employees are familiar with safe work practices when using brush cutters, lawn mowers and chainsaws.