An employer is responsible for allocation of personal protective equipment, as it is clear from § 104 of Act no. 262/2006 Coll. of the Labor Code. The requirements are specified in Government Decree no. 495/2001 Coll., where in § 3 para. 4 is stated: “The manner, conditions and time of use of protective equipment will provide the employer, based on the frequency and seriousness of the risks occurred, nature and type of the work and workplace and with taking into account the characteristics of this protective equipment.”

Generally, there are no determined requirements to the use of personal protective equipment in individual professions, as well as their service life, etc. Although, in the annex no. 3 of Government Decree no. 495/2001 Coll. there is a list of works and activities that require the provision of protective equipment, however, the assessment of the employer is critical. The reasons why and what personal protective equipment should be given to the employees must be known in particular by the employer and person competent in risk prevention that will evaluate the risks in the workplace of the employer and on their basis will recommend appropriate personal protective equipment for employees.

In this context it should be noted that the employer must at firstly seek to eliminate risk, e.g. by the change of technology, equipment, etc. Furthermore, the employer must verify the availability of sufficient risk reduction by means of collective protection, by, for example preventing access etc. Only then should proceed to the selection of appropriate personal protective equipment.

Therefore, when determining the PPE, we recommend a consultation with persons qualified in preventing risks or OSH and fire protection technician.