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Schools of OSH – Safety of operation of gas equipment

In 2015 State Labor Inspection Office and regional labor inspectorates carried out safety inspections of operations of gas …

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OSH Info Results of Inspection Activity of State Labor Inspectorate of companies in April 2016

During the April 2016 regional labor inspectorates conducted a total of 2 571 inspections with employers. For these …


OSH info copies of employment contracts and agreement in the workplace as a legal obligation

The obligation to have at the workplace of the employees copies of documents proving the existence of an …


Documentation of fire protection for self-employed persons and companies

While the basic rules of occupational safety and health (Labor Code) primarily address the relation employer – employee, …


Self-employed persons and OSH

Applicable legislation for OSH for self-employed persons. Occupational safety and health (OSH) is in a practical approach a …


OSH info – Was she just helping her aunt? It’s illegal work, court decided

Help with business from relatives can become very expensive, under certain circumstances it can be illegal employment. It …


OSH info Fines for Illegal works exceeded 106 mil. CZK

Penalties for illegal work will be stricter, announced Minister of Labor and Social Affairs:

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OSH info – Assembly lines cause the most occupational diseases for the Czechs

Monotonous work on assembly lines leads the most common occupational diseases in the Czech Republic. A lot of …


OSH info – Allocation of personal protective equipment to employees

An employer is responsible for allocation of personal protective equipment, as it is clear from § 104 of …