Occupational safety (OSH) is a summary of measures laid down by applicable legislation and an employer that are taken in order to prevent danger or harm to human health in the workplace and to protect company assets. This affects each company (s.r.o., a.s.). Our goal is to protect interests of the employers in the area of OSH and fire protection.

The list of responsibilities of business owners (employers) for the area of OSH

  • You have to have processed and updated OSH documentation
  • You have to carry out regular checks of OSH
  • You have to perform work categorization
  • You have to have developed risk register
  • You have to provide medical examinations
  • You have to ensure safety and health protection during work for each employee
  • You have to regularly train your employees on OSH issues
  • You have to make your new employee familiar with the legislation
  • You have to record and report work injuries
  • You have to constantly look for dangerous factors
  • You have to ensure that the employee doesn’t perform prohibited work
  • You have to have a proof of compliance with technical and safety conditions
  • You have to provide personal protective equipment
  • You have to have a list of work prohibited for women and young people

The list of responsibilities of business owners (employers) for the area of Fire Protection

  • You have to include your activities into the category of fire danger
  • You have to have and regularly update the documentation of fire protection
  • You have to have fire book
  • You have to have prepared emergency guidelines
  • You have to perform preventive fire inspections
  • You have to have an overview and revision of fire protection equipment

Our company EXTÉRIA will based on the contract provide you complete outsourcing of services in the area of OSH and fire protection, which covers all legal requirements and you can focus on your business.

How does it work?

It’s simple, you don’t have to worry. Your accountant takes care of your tax records (accounts) and in the case of inspection represents you in front of tax office. We will take care of OSH and fire protection (processing of documentation and everything necessary) and in the case of inspection we will represent you in front of LI, Fire Brigade and RHA.

How much will it cost me?

Our compley annual services including representation during the inspections (OSH and fire protection) cost from only 552 CZK/month. Due to the large amount of clients we can have a very competitive prices on the market in the Czech Republic.

Will you cover all of my branches in different cities?

Yes, we operate all around the Czech Republic with offices in every regional capital. Thanks to this you will save your expenses and we will ensure your legal duty in all your branches from 552 CZK/month.

What if the inspection will take place in multiple companies at once? My security guard won’t handle it. What about you?

We can do it thanks to the fact that we have a big number of technicians of OSH and fire protection and within the Czech Republic we can go to more inspections or addressing of injuries in 1 day and we will represent the client for his maximum satisfaction.