During the April 2016 regional labor inspectorates conducted a total of 2 571 inspections with employers. For these identified infringements regional labor inspectorates proposed fines in total amount of 11 802 000 CZK. During the last month State Labor Inspectorate registered a total of 931 suggestions for inspection.

There is a number of companies established and closed in one year in the Czech Republic. In terms of prevention it is important to labor inspection to take place at new established companies as soon as possible after the start of their activities. The aim is to make the necessary pressure on the management of the companies to comply with safety regulations and thereby crate conditions to minimize work-related injuries. As part of a major task aimed at controlling the system safety, operation of technical equipment and working conditions in small and medium-sized companies.

One of the sectors that in terms of occupational risks and number of work injuries ranks in one of the top positions is the food industry. Risks come particularly from non-compliance with operating procedures and methods, especially for cleaning and maintenance of the machines, furthermore from using of non-functional security and locking systems and protective equipment of the machines, from workers inadequate equipped with personal protective equipment and from the use of chemicals during sanitization of manufacturing premises and packaging technology. The inspectors will within the control of safety system focused on production of bakery and confectionery products check the entire system of occupational safety from securing of raw materials, through manufacturing technology, cleaning of the equipment to the storage of finished products.

In April 2016 SLP registered a total of 2 856 work injuries, 77 of which were work injuries of foreigners. In 7 cases, there was no foreigner among them, the employee didn’t survive the accident. A serious work injury, a result of which the employee was hospitalized for more than 5 days, suffered 120 workers, including 2 foreigners.