In 2015 State Labor Inspection Office and regional labor inspectorates carried out safety inspections of operations of gas appliances, focusing on buildings used for education, housing and leisure activities for children and youth. What did they find?

Inspections of gas and pressure equipment with a focus on the operation of low-pressure gas boilers, appliances, gas furnaces and heat exchangers showed that in recent years there is scope for better care of reserved gas equipment, particularly in education (kindergartens, schools, school canteens, cafeterias, dormitories, orphanages etc.). Given the fact that this is also a potential threat to life and health of children and youth, it was necessary to extend these controls also to the area of accommodation and other facilities where children and youth spend their leisure time.

From the results of these controls it is clear that the regular inspections and checks of gas appliances aren’t carried out very often, as controlled persons generally don’t distinguish the difference between the service of the equipment, the control and the revision. The record of a servicing gas equipment then erroneously consider as a revision report or record of the inspection of gas equipment. This occurs primarily in the branches where there is no processed schedule of revisions and controls that would help the controlled person in orientation in this field.

Furthermore, operating rules for gas installations up to 50 kW or operating instructions aren’t developed. Local operating rules for low pressure boiler plants don’t meet the operating conditions and aren’t updated on the current state. This deficiency can be observed especially in the buildings that have been renovated. Operating dailies of the low-pressure boiler rooms don’t contain records about safety procedures and the boiler room serves as a storage of operating materials.

Failure to comply with regulations to ensure work safety during operation of gas equipment can cause danger to life and health of children, youth, staff and visitors of the inspected object and may also lead to considerable material damage. Due to identified deficiencies the labor inspection authorities focus on inspection of work safety in the operation of gas equipment in 2016 on equipment for the preparation of food in kitchens, dining and educational facilities, in hotels, camps, children’s camps, hospitals and similar facilities.