Client from the area of: Civil Service

"Municipal authorities with help of grands for employees regularly employ workers from the labor office for so-called community service in the municipality. The employee of municipal office, who was employed as a worker of community service, had as a part of..."

Review of the client:

"Společnost EXTÉRIA s.r.o. zajistila školení všech zaměstnanců obsluhujících křovinořezy, sekačky a motorové pily. Pracovní úraz pomohla zapsat do knihy úrazů,..."

We are specialists in OSH and fire protection in the following areas:

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Private companies

"I am not afraid of an inspection or a fine. I work with Extéria"
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Civil Service

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"I know that safety of the students in schools is important."
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Self-employed person

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In the package of OSH and fire protection we provide complete services! You don't have to take care of anything…

Work safety

  • permanent maintenance of OSH
  • searching for risks
  • documentation processing
  • professional help in the area of work injuries
  • personal presence during the inspections of organs of state technical supervision (LI, KH, Firemen)

Fire Protection

  • fire regulations
  • emergency guidelines
  • fire evacuation plan
  • regulations of fire-alarm
  • thematic program of staff training
  • documentation of conducted training

OSH – Fire Protection Training

  • initial and periodic training of employees and management in fire protection
  • training of preventive fire patrol
  • training of prevention officers in fire protection

Revision of devices

  • revision of electric appliances
  • revision of electric devices (periods ranging from 2 months to 3 years)
  • revision of emergency lighting
  • revision of fire extinguishers
  • revision of fire doors