The cook was using in her work in the kitchen a meat grinder. When she was filling the grinder with meat she was using her fingers to press the meat and not the extension that is prescribed by machine manufacturer to be used.

The employee caused herself a serious injury of the fingers. Therefore, a serious accident at work occurred, which caused a long-term incapacity of work of the employee.

The employer is obliged to make all employees demonstrably familiar with operating instructions for the machines and equipment that is used in their work. This obligation arises from the Government Regulation no. 378/2001 Coll., which provides detailed requirements for safe operation and use of machines, technical equipment, instruments and tools.

If the instructions for operating the machine are not available, the employer is obliged to provide LOSR (local operational safety regulation), which describes the principles of safe operation and handling, prohibited work and assessed risks at work with a given machine or device.

Each employee who operates a machine or device has to be demonstrably familiar with the operating instructions or local operational safety regulation.