An employee who worked in kindergarten as a serviceman had as a part of his job to weld the heating. During welding flammable materials (mattresses), which were placed behind the heating began to burn. The employee tried to bring this burning mattress out of kindergarten, but while doing it he burnt both his upper limbs and part of his body.

An emergency and rescue service was called to this serious work injury that after reporting of the accident came to the site by helicopter and immediately transported the employee to operating room and then to the burns department of the hospital.

The employee before starting the work (welding) didn’t clean away all flammable materials from open flame. In addition, he didn’t use the fire extinguisher that was just a meter from the place where the employee was welding.

Senior employee (director of kindergarten) also breached her obligations imposed on her by § 104 of the Act no. 262/2006 Coll., of the Labor Code in particular by failing to provide the employee with appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves and fire proof work clothes. Furthermore, the employee should be trained and familiar with local safety regulations, which set out the principles of safe work in welding, including the provision of fire protection during welding.