Occupational safety and health in schools is very complicated, as it addresses not only the school staff, but especially children, students and their safety, both in school and on trips, playgrounds, schools in nature, etc. Preparatory period before the start of the new school year brings directors of schools many responsibilities in the area of occupational safety of school staff, but also obligations with regard to safety and protection of children and students.

We helped more than one thousands of different types of educational institutions across the Czech Republic country with this issue.

The list of responsibilities for schools for the area of OSH

  • You have to look for and evaluate all the risks associated with the activities and working environment in schools
  • You have to carry out regular trainings, have their documentation and control the compliance with the rules
  • You have to carry out first aid trainings – ensure conditions for the provision of necessary first aid, so this issue is introduced to the staff and students
  • You have to ensure the ban on smoking in the workplace
  • You have to ensure working conditions for pregnant women and young people
  • You have to carry out annual OSH checks in school facilities
  • You have to deal with work accidents of staff and students
  • You have to have a documentation of OSH and update it regularly every year
  • You have to pay attention to the rights and obligations of employees and students – to pay attention to the respect of the rights and obligations of staff and students and regularly making them familiar with it
  • You have to carry out revisions and controls – to provide maintenance of equipment used in the school (eg. electrical equipment, gas equipment, lightning, boiler room, fitness tools, etc.), or reserved and other technical equipment

The list of responsibilities in education for the area of fire protection

  • You have to include your activities into the category of fire danger
  • You have to have and regularly update the documentation of fire protection
  • You have to have fire book
  • You have to have prepared emergency guideline
  • You have to perform preventive fire inspections
  • You have to have an overview and revision of fire protection equipment

Among risk factors in education could be

  • working conditions – compliance with ergonomic requirements for workplace
  • biological agents – work with biological agents should be carried out in a controlled area
  • hygiene requirements – compliance with applicable laws and regulations in connection with the operation of schools and school facilities

Our company EXTÉRIA will based on the contract provide you with complete outsourcing of services in the field of occupational safety and health and fire protection in school facilities that will cover all legal requirements, so you can focus on management of the school facility.

What is the price of OSH and fire protection for schools?

Our complex annual services including representation during the inspections (OSH and fire protection) cost from only 522 CZK/month. Thanks to the large amount of school facilities, we can have a very competitive prices on the market in the Czech Republic.