Indeed, primarily in healthcare, but partly also in social care, there are some specific risks that threat health and sometimes even lives of workers and that are unknown in other sectors. For healthcare workers or social service workers among the most problematic areas in terms of OSH is moving in the workplace, the state of technical equipment and instrumentation, providing personal protective equipment or compliance with overtimes. The employer is obliged to constantly seek workplace risks, their origins and propose measures to reduce such risks. This activity must be done by a person qualified in risk prevention, according to the law no. 309/2006 Coll.

Our company EXTÉRIA provides these services professionally and expertly to over a hundred of different types of health and social facilities in the Czech Republic.

The list of responsibilities in healthcare for the area of OSH

  • You have to have processed and updated OSH documentation
  • You have to carry out regular checks of OHS
  • You have to perform work categorization
  • You have to have processed risk register for healthcare facilities
  • You have to provide medical examinations
  • You have to ensure safety and health protection during work for each employee
  • You have to regularly train your employees on OSH issues
  • You have to make your new employee familiar with the legislation
  • You have to record and report work injuries, their causes and compensations
  • You have to constantly look for dangerous factors in working environment
  • You have to ensure that the employee doesn’t perform prohibited work
  • You have to have a proof of compliance with technical and safety conditions
  • You have to provide personal protective equipment
  • You have to have a list of work prohibited for pregnant women
  • You have to control compliance with overtime limits
  • You have to adhere to the terms of technical prevention, revision and control of technical equipment and medical equipment

The list of responsibilities in healthcare for the area of fire protection

  • You have to include your activities into the category of fire danger
  • You have to have and regularly update the documentation of fire protection
  • You have to have fire book
  • You have to have prepared emergency guideline
  • You have to perform preventive fire inspections
  • You have to have an overview and revision of fire protection equipment

Among risk factors in the healthcare could be

  • slipping, sprain or falling – floors, stairs etc. are maintained according to the requirements of the relevant provisions of laws and standards
  • manual manipulation with patients – part of everyday work is an excessive exertion, which can lead to spinal injuries and injuries of certain muscle groups. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the permissible weight limits set by the Government regulation (GD no. 361/2007 Coll.)
  • stabbings, cuts or scratches on tools and equipment
  • burns – in contact with hot objects (a tea, for example)
  • electricity – when working with electrical equipment and apparatus
  • ionizing radiation – RTG
  • non-ionizing radiation – laser
  • chemicals – especially when working in laboratories
  • biological influence – bacteria, viruses

Our company EXTÉRIA will based on the contract provide you complete outsourcing of services in the field of occupational safety and health and fire protection in health and social facilities that will cover all legal requirements, so you can focus on management of the medical facility.

What is the price of OSH and fire protection for health and social facilities?

Our complex annual services including representation during the inspections (OSH and fire protection) cost from only 522 CZK/month. Due to the large amount of health and social facilities we can have a very competitive prices on the market in the Czech Republic.