OSH becomes an integral part of your business and as a self-employed person you represent both the employer and the employee in accordance with § 12 and § 13 of Act no. 309/2006 Coll. on securing other conditions for safety and health at work. You are required to fulfill certain obligations in the field of occupational safety and health to protect both yourself and other persons who can be endangered by the activities operated by you.

Fire protection also becomes your responsibility. If you have your own workplace you are obliged to fulfill the legal obligations under the Act no. 133/1985 Coll. about fire protection, as amended and Decree no. 246/2001 Coll., on the determination of fire safety conditions and state fire supervision (Decree on fire prevention).

The list of responsibilities of self-employed persons without employees for the area of OSH

  • You have to have processed and updated OSH documentation
  • You have to have a list of risks for the activities of self-employed persons
  • You have to have a documentation of personal protective equipment, which is allocated by risk work
  • You have to comply with safety breaks
  • You have to have a workplace equipped with first-aid kit, according to the evaluation of occupational risks
  • You have to inform each other about the risks arising from the work activities, if there is more self-employed workers or other entrepreneurs (companies) in the workplace
  • You have to have safety signs in the workplace
  • You have to be familiar with the operating instructions and documentation for machines and equipment (hand tools)
  • You have to provide a safe working environment for all persons in the workplace, also for the ones, who are in the workplace randomly
  • You have to ensure all necessary training for your work and keep the necessary documentation of training (working at heights, working with construction machinery, etc.)

The list of responsibilities of self-employed person in the area of Fire Protection

  • You have to include your activities into the category of fire danger
  • You have to have and regularly update the documentation of fire protection
  • You have to have fire book
  • You have to have prepared emergency guideline
  • You have to perform preventive fire inspections
  • You have to have an overview and revision of fire protection equipment

Our company EXTÉRIA will based on the contract provide you complete outsourcing of services in the field of occupational safety and health and fire protection that will cover all legal requirements, so you can focus on your business.

What is the price of OSH and Fire Protection for self-employed persons without employees?

Our complex annual services including representation during the inspections (OSH and fire protection) cost from only 333 CZK/month. Thanks to the large amount of clients, we can have a very competitive prices on the market of the Czech Republic.